Literary Whiplash

Promptly upon completing #SOL17 I binge read two novels. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and frankly I’m feeling out of sorts – out of time and sync with present day. I’ve devoured two separate worlds in a short time frame. 

Both books are historical fiction. The Chosen Maiden is about Bronislava Nijinska, famed Russian dancer of the early 20th century. The novel is rich in artistic details. 

The Valiant is a Young Adult novel about a Celtic princess captured in the time of Julius Ceasar, sent to Rome as a slave and becomes a gladiator. 

While reading the books I became completely immersed in another era. Landing back in the here and now is a shock. I’m experiencing literary whiplash. 

I’m Telesiurgic!

Dear Readers,

You most likely inferred from the name of my blog that I love words. Playing with vocabulary and learning new words is a hobby of mine, a mental gymnastics of sort. 

To help with my erudition I follow @HaggardsHawks on Twitter, which shares obscure words, facts, and etymology.  I learned a new word today which immediately resonated with me. 

At the beginning of this month I set myself a goal of writing daily and posting for #SOL17. As of this post I completed what I set out to do. Hence I’m telesiurgic!

Breathing Underwater

I’m a huge fan of Scottish singer songwriter Emeli Sandé. I’ve long awaited the follow up to her album Our Version of Events. I am grateful for her music as her soaring lyrics and breathtaking vocals take me away.

On Saturday I listened to her sophomoric album Long live the Angels. It was just what I needed to uplift me.  (I woke up with a bad pain day).

I believe in miracles

‘Cause it’s a miracle I’m here 

Guess you could call me spiritual

‘Cause physical is fear”

is the opening verse to Emeli Sandé’s song Breathing Underwater. This song spoke to me of the resiliency of the human spirit. I listened to this song on repeat and told myself:

I can overcome.

I can get through another day.

Today may be awful but I can get through it.

I can breath underwater.


Good Eats

One thing I appreciate about living in Vancouver is the diversity and quality of restaurants. Over Spring Break I tried two new to me restaurants. Chau Veggie Express is a vegetarian/vegan Vietnamese neighborhood eatery. I had their Power salad which was absolutely scrumptious. 

Today I went to  El Pulgarcito  an El Savadorian/Mexican restaurant.  I shared an appetizer of papusas and had fish tacos as my main course. I washed it all down with freshly made Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus tea). Yummy!