Come Thou Morn

In the predawn hours this A.M. I found myself awake. I unfurled from bed, made a mug of tea, turned on the fireplace, snuggled under a blanket and settled in to read. The book of choice – the required reading for this weekend’s book club meeting, Come Thou Tortoise by Jessica Grant. With a hundred pages to read I was confident I could finish the book before needing to begin my morning ablutions. 

I easily finished the book whilst enjoying the stillness of the morn. I was suspended in the quiet before the world awoke rich with humming of the city, the hubbub of a commute and the buzz to the start of a school day. Books transport you to another realm. This morning I spent it with a quirky character rich with the love of and for family. The adventures she undertook with childlike determination and wonder left me with smiles on my face.  Her never ending play with language had me nodding and smiling as a kindred spirit. 

As I closed the cover of the book I was ready to take on the day.  (And to start the next book in my To Be Read pile.)


7 thoughts on “Come Thou Morn

  1. I agree with others – what a delightful start to a day! I loved this line/image “This morning I spent it with a quirky character rich with the love of and for family.” Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing!

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  2. Being able to read 100 pages before school would be my dream. There is never enough time to read as much as I would like–maybe I should wake up a tiny bit earlier to fit more time reading in my day. Great suggestion.

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