Bond Girl Boots

My Bond Girl Boots are the workhorse of my wardrobe.  Why wouldn’t they be when advertised as “a sleek, pipe line cut boot for a British temptress spy in short skirts or a mod cut stovetop pant.” It was love at first sight when I saw them: a classic timeless boot that can take me from day to night.  I can dress them up or down. Not only are they stylish but are comfortable and more importantly fit my hard to fit feet.  As a result my initial purchase in burnished brown has gained some closet mates: black and a friend in forest green. Needless to say no matter what the occasion I can take on the day when clod in my superhero boots.


6 thoughts on “Bond Girl Boots

  1. Those are great! I love that you bought the same boots in three colors. I do that when I love something too. I have the same jeans in five colors. Why mess with something that works so well?

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  2. I know so many people love their boots, but I have never been that person and I know live in a place far too hot for boots. I am glad you found boots that make yu feel so happy- to me that is the main purpose of clothing:) I love your description.

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