Life is Short

“But I don’t want to become blind” came the panicked voice over the phone. 

A friend called – words rushing out – that she went to the ER last night as a result of suddenly getting lightening flashes in her field of vision accompanied by black clouds. ER had a run of eye problems, examined her, and told her to return to the eye care center at 10 am. There she was, panic and fear mounting, calling me as a lifeline to ground her mounting distress. 

I arrived seeing her amongst a gaggle of half a dozen pirates, six other souls who had surgery the night before, returning for a follow up with a patch over one eye. I approached her and immediately tried to lighten her mood, “Hi S! Your seeing eye friend has arrived!!!”  She chuckled which was a good thing, as she looked god awful. Her face wan and contorted in obvious pain. 

I distracted her by chatting about this and that,  and redirected her whenever she started future surfing. I reminded her that we’d be seeing the doctor shortly and at this point it was premature to fret. 

After a lengthy exam the doctor announced she wasn’t going blind. Visible relief spread through my friend’s countenance. Jelly at the back of her eye had become detached and would continue to descend for another month or so.  The black spots would be pernament, however. 

Leaving the building I announced we need to celebrate. “I’m taking you out for brunch. We’re celebrating because you aren’t going blind but also to honour our long friendship. I’m glad you called me.”

Life is short. 


8 thoughts on “Life is Short

  1. Throughout this slice, you show what a good friend you are. I could feel he worry as you worked to keep it lite until you spoke to the doctor. This piece has so much feeling, right down to the final celebratory brunch photo! Thanks for sharing.

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