Pleasures, Mostly Simple

  • a steaming hot shower on a cold stick-it-to-your-bones damp kind of day
  • stopping to talk to a dog and having its eyes light up and tail wag in joy
  • participating in a rip roaring laughter fest with your students
  • sinking into a heated car seat
  • nailing parking your car on your first try
  • that oh-so-annoying ingrown hair finally emerging
  • relishing a healthy good for you meal
  • a brain fog free day

What are your simple pleasures, odd or not?


19 thoughts on “Pleasures, Mostly Simple

  1. I loved my heated seats! I got them a few years ago thinking it was a little unnecessary but they are the best.

    Hot showers. I want to install an instant shut off valve for the hot water. My kids will drain the water heater no matter how much I plead, yell and threaten them.

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  2. Love how you have used such sensory adjectives and verbs (lots of ‘ings’ πŸ˜‰ – steaming, nailing, stick-to-your-bones…

    my simplest pleasure is probably hot tea in a favorite mug…starts the day right!


    1. Thanks for your observations. I didn’t realize I used sensory adjectives and verbs. I feel like I just had with you a Writers Workshop on what I did well ☺️ We do this for our students and it feels so nice to be on the receiving end.


  3. I love this list of simple pleasures! You have to be able to notice and appreciate small things to be able to create a list like this, and you did it well! The ingrown hair line made me laugh because it’s so true! πŸ™‚ ~JudyK


  4. I love your list! I enjoy a steaming hot bath with a good book; using colored fountain pens to write with, and sitting watching the beautiful snow after a “snow day” phone call!

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  5. After reading each simple pleasure, I would go, “Ooohhhh.” I could totally relate to each and every one. And a steaming hot shower would have been right up there on my list…right after a sip of Hot White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!

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