Vandusen Gardens Phone Number Poem

6   Vandusen gardens is a city gem

0   Lush habitat for all

4    Fiftyfive acres of nature

2    Urban paradise

5    Wander through fields, gardens, meadows

7   Elizabethan maze, Scottish shelter, Korean pavilion too

8   Each visit my eye relishes the changing panorama 

1   Dynamic

6   I can wile away minutes or hours

2   Exploring outdoors

In a phone number poem the digits refer to the amount of words on a line, with “0” being a wildcard (your choice of amount).  I think this style of poem would be fun to do in class after a field trip. I’m planning on taking my class to Vandusen for a field trip so I’ll ask my class to take note of its attributes and we’ll create one together. 


10 thoughts on “Vandusen Gardens Phone Number Poem

  1. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing the poem idea and a field trip would be the perfect time to create them…. much more fun than writing a paragraph or two!


  2. Your photos are beautiful! And I like this idea for a poem. I’ve seen a couple of them in slices this month. I might have to try one … not with my phone number, though! I love that you chose the number of a great place to visit!

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    1. I liked the idea of a phone number poem but was uncomfortable of using my personal phone number or those of students. Using a publicly available phone number alleviates privacy concerns. I was thinking that at back to school time it’d be fun for each child to create a school phone number poem as a way of community building. An extension would be for each child to create one for a place in the greater community that they love (e.g. Sports stadium, library)


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