Kindergarten teacher, bibliophile, & yogi are a few words to describe me. I am a passionate educator and am grateful that I have the privilege of inspiring young minds. My room is filled with books and we daily rejoice in the written word. I believe in the saying, “A library is a hospital for the mind.” As such I’ve collected a vast array of books in my classroom to touch the lives of my students.

I am fortunate to have Carrie Gelson as a colleague. Through her I heard about the Slice of Life writing challenge. I’m excited to pick up a pen for this challenge and see where the breadcrumbs of words lead me. Writing can be a rich creative process.  Words hold and have power. My most powerful pieces of writing occur whilst in a magical state of grace, much like what Elizabeth Gilbert describes in her TED talk Your Elusive Creative Genius

I am prone to fits of onomatopoeia and alliteration in my classroom.  I take joy in playing with language and adore hearing my students chortle with laughter. I am hoping to mine these nuggets and perhaps realize a long dormant desire of authoring a children’s book. Here’s to the Slice of Life writing challenge!

PS If you’d like to learn about my classroom please hop on over and visit my classroom blog.


Heidi Clark

Vancouver, BC