One Thing Birthed More

At the end of today’s yoga class the instructor said, “think of one thing you are grateful for in the past 24 hours.” Sitting on top of the bolster with hands clasped before my heart a rush of ‘things’ flowed through me, tumbling through my thoughts so rapidly that I was content I had many things to be thankful for . . .

Getting to the mat today. Enjoying the class. Having fun with a new instructor. Laughing at myself for falling down in a balance pose (a regular occurrence). The joy of being able to even attend a yoga class, after several years hiatus do to a broken down body. The physiotherapist who got me to this point. A heart to heart hour long chat last night with a friend who truly gets the challenge it’s been for me to be physically active. Oh! This stream of consciousness of gratitude is something I can and want to write about for Slice of Life. So, so grateful for the  Two Writing Teachers to host this challenge. Finding a writing community, excercising my craft has made my heart sing. Being creative with words gives me inner peace. Glad that WordPress has a draft option so I can expunge all that I want to say, before heading home, otherwise all these thoughts demanding to be written down would be dancing around my head with increasing pressure. 


All that from one simple request. 

Namaste 🙏 


Vandusen Gardens Phone Number Poem

6   Vandusen gardens is a city gem

0   Lush habitat for all

4    Fiftyfive acres of nature

2    Urban paradise

5    Wander through fields, gardens, meadows

7   Elizabethan maze, Scottish shelter, Korean pavilion too

8   Each visit my eye relishes the changing panorama 

1   Dynamic

6   I can wile away minutes or hours

2   Exploring outdoors

In a phone number poem the digits refer to the amount of words on a line, with “0” being a wildcard (your choice of amount).  I think this style of poem would be fun to do in class after a field trip. I’m planning on taking my class to Vandusen for a field trip so I’ll ask my class to take note of its attributes and we’ll create one together. 




                                                                    Bursting forth

                                                               Blooms, buds, babies

                                                                 A time for renewal

                                                                      Life rejoices


Pleasures, Mostly Simple

  • a steaming hot shower on a cold stick-it-to-your-bones damp kind of day
  • stopping to talk to a dog and having its eyes light up and tail wag in joy
  • participating in a rip roaring laughter fest with your students
  • sinking into a heated car seat
  • nailing parking your car on your first try
  • that oh-so-annoying ingrown hair finally emerging
  • relishing a healthy good for you meal
  • a brain fog free day

What are your simple pleasures, odd or not?

What I’ve Learned About Chronic Pain

  • You never get a day off: it ebbs and flows in severity like background noise
  • Neuropathic, myofascial, and joint pain all have their own flavour
  • Pacing is your best friend. Without it flare ups happen.
  • Doers with a capital D, according to a pain specialist I saw, tend to experience chronic pain
  • I’ve had to learn that doing nothing is an activity (see previous line)
  • It’s an invisible disability
  • Self care is key, as is listening to your body
  • Having a talented physiotherapist and massage therapist is a gift from God; without mine I don’t know how I’d function 
  • Medical accomidations at work help immensely
  • Being grateful for what you are able to do and accomplish is helpful
  • It’s okay to grieve what you lost, it’s almost necessary to accept your reality and to be able to accommodate your expectations 

Life is Short

“But I don’t want to become blind” came the panicked voice over the phone. 

A friend called – words rushing out – that she went to the ER last night as a result of suddenly getting lightening flashes in her field of vision accompanied by black clouds. ER had a run of eye problems, examined her, and told her to return to the eye care center at 10 am. There she was, panic and fear mounting, calling me as a lifeline to ground her mounting distress. 

I arrived seeing her amongst a gaggle of half a dozen pirates, six other souls who had surgery the night before, returning for a follow up with a patch over one eye. I approached her and immediately tried to lighten her mood, “Hi S! Your seeing eye friend has arrived!!!”  She chuckled which was a good thing, as she looked god awful. Her face wan and contorted in obvious pain. 

I distracted her by chatting about this and that,  and redirected her whenever she started future surfing. I reminded her that we’d be seeing the doctor shortly and at this point it was premature to fret. 

After a lengthy exam the doctor announced she wasn’t going blind. Visible relief spread through my friend’s countenance. Jelly at the back of her eye had become detached and would continue to descend for another month or so.  The black spots would be pernament, however. 

Leaving the building I announced we need to celebrate. “I’m taking you out for brunch. We’re celebrating because you aren’t going blind but also to honour our long friendship. I’m glad you called me.”

Life is short. 


Pain is

          . . .  emotional gnawing of the heart

                        . . .   loss

. . .    dreams razed

            . . . coming to terms with a broken body

                                                                       . . . to be human